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Breakpoints provides collaborative and remoting debugging solutions to help your development team thrive! There is so much more to writing quality code than “writing quality code”. Breakpoints is your partner for everything else that makes your application great. Breakpoints was founded by industry experts with experience at leading technology companies, such as IBM, Microsoft, Autodesk, and more.

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Watch Debuglive Debugger Demo

Debug Live Debugging Tool for Windows Demo

See the DebugLive Debugger in action.  Learn how your team can get started, collaborate, and resolve software problems at any stage of the application lifecycle, from any location.

Free Trial

Debuglive Debugger Free Trial

Breakpoints features DebugLive, which is your debugging, testing, and maintenance solution in the cloud. At no charge, get started with DebugLive Personal Version today! Alternatively, register for a 14-day free trial of DebugLive Online. This is the remote debugging and collaboration version of the product.

What's New

"Debugging on the desktop has limitations that DebugLive addresses and overcomes. Reproducing problems 'locally' has been the bane of a developer's existence. Now with DebugLive, remote debugging is as easy as running a Web browser and doesn't mean that I have to learn a new debugging metaphor. Its collaboration features are also pure goodness since debugging often involves multiple people and often extends outside of the debugger."

-Matt Pietrek, debugging expert and author specializing in Microsoft Windows

DebugLive is now Breakpoints! The new name better reflects the focus of the organization to provide products and services that enable companies to produce high quality software while making the most effective use of staff and resources.

Breakpoints has a new website. The new design highlights the mission of the company, and the combination of offerings that enable customers to produce high quality software and fix problems when they arise.

DebugLive 1.1 released. This release follows up on the successful launch of the DebugLive Debugger in March. Included in this release are:
• Enhanced remoting debugging and collaboration with windows for source code monitoring.
• Message pump windows
• Support for 64-bit applications
• Live notification
• Emulation mode

New course in parallel programming! If your team wants to take full advantage of today's multi-core processors, this is the place to get started. Find out more today.

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