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Breakpoints delivers pioneering products and services that enable IT groups to deliver and maintain high quality software across the application lifecycle. Its platform, tools, and expertise provides enterprises with solutions to improve IT productivity in software development and delivery.

Key Management

Donis Marshall
Mr. Marshall is the founder and CEO of Breakpoints. He has over twenty years experience in designing and building enterprise software for leading companies across industry segments. As an instructor, Marshall is a premier and recognized trainer of computer technology for developers and scientists. Marshall is an endorsed trainer by Microsoft Global Learning Services, and has trained Microsoft developers and engineers more than fifteen years.

Marshall is also the author of the best selling Visual C# book from Microsoft Press entitled Programming Microsoft Visual C# 2005. He is also the author of two recent books: Programming Microsoft Visual C# 2008 and Solid Code, from Microsoft Press. Solid Code was written with the cooperation of Microsoft, and represents best practices and policies for managed code development.

Oleg Starodumov
Mr. Starodumov is CTO of Breakpoints. He graduated from St.Petersburg Electrical Engineering University in 1996 with an M.A. in Electrical Engineering, specializing in embedded software systems. He joined Arcadia as a project manager, and the company was subsequently acquired by F-Secure. At F-Secure, he was the CTO of the former Arcadia unit, responsible for production of a number of file encryption and antivirus products. Starodumov has worked as a senior software engineer and project manager in Teleste, specializing in network management systems for TV signal distribution networks. Starodumov started DebugInfo in 2007. His website,, has become a popular destination for developers experiencing a wide range of software development and debugging problems. He was a Microsoft MVP in C++ from 2005 - 2009.

Scott Gagnon
Mr. Gagnon is National Sales Director for Breakpoints. He has a long track record of successful software sales in application lifecycle management for both startup and mature companies. He has served in key sales roles in NuMega Technologies, Compuware, and Mindreef, where his efforts resulted in the significant growth of product lines devoted to application development, debugging, and testing. Gagnon established and managed partnerships with industry leaders Intel and Microsoft to promote software debugging technologies on Intel processors running Windows.

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