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Breakpoints Live continues to evaluate technology companies for useful services, quality, and applicability to our customers. Feel free to contact these companies. Each of these companies receives our highest recommendation.

We have worked with hundreds of clients, helping them understand, implement, and leverage Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). As a result, our clients have seen an increase in the traceability, predictability, and flow of value within their software projects.

We have also worked closely with the Visual Studio product group within Microsoft to help shape Visual Studio into the product that it is today. By doing so, we have gained a unique insight into its capabilities, limitations, and best practices.

Contact information: (887) 710-0841

AJI Software

AJI Software is a premier software consulting and development firm committed to helping its clients identify problem areas, determine where there are gaps, and implement the appropriate solutions. Specializing in proven and groundbreaking Microsoft technologies, AJI Software offers its clients the highest level of expertise and experience.

Based in Lee's Summit, MO, AJI Software offers the greater Kansas City area a local expert partner for SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, the .NET Framework, and Agile development methodologies. Give us a call and see what we can do to help your organization succeed.

Contact information: | (816) 523-3548

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