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DebugLive's Advance Debugger Reviews and Quotes

"DebugLive engineers are masters in the art of debugging. When we ran into a problem with our flag ship product, within 2 days of reporting the problem, DebugLive identified the bug in .Net Framework and provided a workaround by inspecting just the memory dumps of our application. If you are running short of time in finding a solution to a debugging problem, or the support team of the original software vendor is slowing you down due to their red-tape, or you lack internal resources to tackle complicated problems - don't waste your time and peace of mind. DebugLive's [advanced debugger] will get your problem resolved."

-Vimal Kumar, Chief Technology Officer, NowCom

"Debugging on the desktop has limitations that DebugLive's [advanced debugger] addresses and overcomes. Reproducing problems 'locally' has been the bane of a developer's existence. Now with DebugLive, remote debugging is as easy as running a Web browser and doesn't mean that I have to learn a new debugging metaphor. Its collaboration features are also pure goodness since debugging often involves multiple people and often extends outside of the debugger."

-Matt Pietrek, debugging expert and author specializing in Microsoft Windows

"If Collaboration is the key to developing software bug it’s everything when debugging software. DebugLive's [advanced debugger] lets you debug the hardest problems faster, which in the end will save you a ton of money."

-John Robbins, Wintellect (Founder)

"I’m not a low-level bit twiddler but from what I’ve seen, I think DebugLive might change the paradigm of debugging."

-Richard Hundhausen, Microsoft Regional Director, Accentient (Founder)

"DebugLive's [advanced debugger] is the missing sledgehammer for every IT professionals tool belt who deal with debugging. It shines a new light on how we look at solving debugging situations."

-Jeff Julian, AJISoftware

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