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DebugLive Debugger Debugging Tools for Windows Logo Breakpoints can help you maintain a healthy application using the next
generation in debugging tools for windows. Our products are valuable
throughout the entire software development life cycle. One of our products is
DebugLive Debugger, which is a completely new approach to solving a variety software problems, such as memory leaks and crashes, in Windows applications. The DebugLive Debugger is ideal for both software teams and the individual professional. Collaboration allows team members to work together (even when at different locations) to solve software problems quickly and effectively. This can save you time and money and ultimately protect your brand.

DebugLive Debugger Debugging Tools for Windows Logo

The DebugLive Debugger, the first web based, multiuser, real-time, and collaborative platform, brings debugging into the future. All of this combined, creates an advanced diagnostic tool for solving software problems. The intuitive user interface means anyone on your software team can use the DebugLive Debugger productively. Users have the option of using the graphical user interface or classic command line (for "old school" developers). DebugLive is interactive and can provide guidance in using the product in real-time. This is done through hyperlinks, context menus, and other cues provided by DebugLive to guide the user.

Intuitive User Interface

The DebugLive Debugger is an advanced debugging and testing tool that anyone can use. The intuitive user interface makes using the product easy and almost fun.

Maintaining or debugging in a production environment is always a challenge: an inconvenient location, restricted desktop, et cetera. DebugLive resolves these challenges. Via the DebugLive proxy, you can easily connect and maintain applications on a production machine. Collaboration is also supported in the production environment.

The DebugLive Debugger is only a click away. You can begin using DebugLive now! Browse to the public version of the DebugLive server. Medium and enterprise customers have an additional option. You can install the DebugLive Server on your corporate network. This is called DebugLive Onsite Debugger.

Protect the integrity of your product and brand. The products and experienced experts of Breakpoints will help you build and maintain quality applications that will make a difference for your customers and users. Contact us to find out more, or try the DebugLive Debugger for yourself.

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Web-Based Collaborative Debugging

Solving a software problem is only a click away! Browse to the DebugLive Online Debugger product web site to use our innovative software tools. Whether solving a software problem, testing your application, or performing maintenance, leverage the power and flexibility of DebugLive in your development environment and reap immediate benefits. Try DebugLive Online today.

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Advanced Debugger

DebugLive has almost unlimited features. You can debug native, managed (.NET), and even kernel level code. Whether debugging a crash or a deadlock, DebugLive can help.

DebugLive for Exclusive Use

Install the DebugLive Debugger on your corporate network to experience the flexibility, responsiveness, scalability, and security that comes with a local installation. You can scale across multiple projects and applications within your organization while enjoying the performance and security of a dedicated platform.

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The DebugLive Personal Version Debugger is available for individuals and consultants. And the price is perfect - complimentary. We ask one favor - simply spread the word of this great product! This version of DebugLive supports all the features needed for personal debugging, testing, and maintenance. On the other hand, if collaboration and live remote debugging is what you need, purchase a Debuglive Online Debugger subscription. For a full-feature, 14-day trial signup here.

Find out more about DebugLive Personal.

Health Monitoring (coming in 2011...)

Identify Application Issues in Production Applications

Health Monitoring allows you to track key characteristics of your application remotely and 24/7. This is especially valuable for production application where traditional solutions are not available. You will receive automatic alerts when something goes wrong. Collect the data you need to analyze the problem and get your application back up and running quickly.

Debugging Guided Support

Expert Error Diagnosis and Resolution On-Call

Breakpoints has products to help you improve your application quality. In addition to the products, when necessary, we also have the experts that can help you diagnose a software problem firsthand. Our experts have combined decades of experience helping software companies around the world solve real-world problems. With Guided Support, our experts can join your debugging sessions today and lend a hand. This is another practical solution from Breakpoints.

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