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Software Programming and Consulting Services


Software Programming and consultingBreakpoints has an impressive team of IT professionals that can help anywhere along the software development life cycle with your programming and consulting needs. Our resources have worked in many Fortune 500 companies. Whether it is evaluating your design or implementing a critical code module, we can help.

When you need assistance, Breakpoints is there. Breakpoints is the home of well-known technology experts that can handle even the most difficult technical problems. Our experts have written numerous books and articles on programming reliable software and have consulted major corporations all over the globe. We are ready to join your team and help you meet your goals.

We specialize in specific areas of software programming and consulting:

Debugging Services: If you have a software problem, Breakpoints has the professional resources. Our engineers have more than 50 years of combined debugging experience for both managed and native application. We can help with crashes, memory leaks, deadlocks, race conditions, and any typical software bug. Breakpoints can also help with atypical problems. Call us with your unique software issue. Your problem will quickly become our challenge.

Software development Services: Breakpoints has expert engineers. You can utilize the professionals that wrote DebugLive for your software project. Whether writing a section of difficult code or an entire module, our skilled developers are available to help. Our resources for managed code are exceptional. Our experts wrote the book on .NET programming - literally. Do you have a need in native programming, such as C++? This is a quickly disappearing area of expertise. However, Breakpoints has several C++ programmers. We actually enjoy writing native code and leveraging the Win32 APIs.

Code Review Services: Do you need a professional code review? We are available to perform a detailed code review and provide recommendation for proper refactoring - if necessary. Our expert advice can help you stabilize your code base. Breakpoints would also be happy to perform the code review and subsequent refactoring.

If you have a challenging software problem or project, don't wait another minute. From writing code to helping with software design, Breakpoints is prepared to help you today. Contact us at

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windows programming training A generation ago, a developer or engineer could learn everything about Windows programming from a single book: Programming Windows 3.1 from Charles Petzold. Nowadays, you could fill a small library with books pertaining to Windows programming: CLR/.NET Programming, C#, Microsoft SQL programming, Native C++ programming, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Programming (WPF), SilverLight, COM/ATL programming, Parallel Programming, and so much more. You may have a software team that is experienced and professional, but they cannot know everything. In addition, with real world demands and deadlines, there is little time for independent study and research.

Breakpoints can help today. Breakpoints provides boutique training to target specific programming needs. Breakpoints' professional instructors offer expert and knowledgeable training on a key list of technology topics. We offer the best combination of expert technology and training for your benefit at competitive pricing. Affordable rates make our training available to everyone.

Contact Breakpoints today for your next training class and pricing information. We can also create custom classes for unique training requirements.

Windows Programming Training Courses

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