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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is special about DebugLive?
A: DebugLive is the first web-based platform for debugging, testing, and otherwise maintaining an application. Do you do your work as part of a software team or in an enterprise environment? DebugLive is a virtual workplace, where you can work with others to solve a software problem. You can collaborate with the person across the hallway or someone halfway around the world. Remoting is an important feature of DebugLive. Production debugging on a remote server has never been easier.

The advanced debugger is one of the many components of the DebugLive platform that development and support teams will find valuable. The DebugLive platform includes other tools required to solve software problems, such as video recording, message pump, and more. While competing products are feature oriented, DebugLive is solution oriented.
Q: What is the most important differentiator that describes how DebugLive varies from the existing debuggers and tools that come with development toolkits?
A: First, DebugLive is not a toolkit but a multidimensional platform. Therefore, DebugLive can host multiple debugging tools such as Windbg or SOS.dll. This gives you the best of all worlds. Second, our product is extensible. You can add or edit existing features. DebugLive is customized to your specific requirements. Finally, DebugLive is fully automated. For example, you can schedule a command to execute now, tomorrow, or even next month. Scripting and batch files are also supported.

The advanced debugger is one of the many components of the DebugLive platform that development and support teams will find valuable. It includes other tools required to solve software problems, such as video recording, message pump, and more. While competing products are feature oriented, DebugLive is solution oriented.
Q: Is DebugLive considered a hosted service, a Platform-as-a-Service, or Software-as-a-Service?
A: People can access DebugLive in multiple ways. Using the hosted option may be the speediest route, but perpetual and enterprise licensing options are also available to best meet the needs of corporate customers.

DebugLive is flexible and is offered in several ways in order to meet your unique requirements. DebugLive is both a SaaS (software as a service) and a PasS (platform as a service) solution. Most of this is found in the collaboration and remoting features of DebugLive. These features virtualize a debugging environment where multiple professionals can work together to solve a software problem.
Q: Is anything downloaded to the desktop in order to debug a compiled application?
A: In certain scenarios a software component (an executable) is downloaded and stored in the browser cache, but no other "application" is required to be installed in order to use DebugLive. As with many web based applications, DebugLive downloads components to the internet cache of the local machine. These components compose some, but not all, of the functionality of DebugLive. The advantage is that our product is available on demand. There is no complicated installation required.
Q: What types of applications does DebugLive work with?
A: Currently DebugLive can debug 32-bit Windows binary, both native and managed (.NET). DebugLive will support applications built with interpretive languages in the future. Also, DebugLive will eventually support other popular operating environments such as Linux and MacOS. At that time, DebugLive will represent a single consistent interface for debugging any kind of application.
Q: How does DebugLive solve common business problems which are not being solved now by competing products?
A: Most of the time spent debugging software problems is actually wasted on activities that are not, in fact, central to solving the core problem! These wasteful and costly activities include emailing others on the team, spending time on phone calls and conference calls, sending dumps, organizing information from various sources, and other distractions that do not help solve the task at hand. It has been estimated that as much as 80% of the time used to debug a problem is spent on these extraneous activities. DebugLive removes these bottlenecks and allows team members to focus entirely on solving the problem at hand in a collaborative team-focused real-time environment.
Q: Give me a scenario of how someone would use your product, and the benefit they would receive by using the hosted DebugLive solution.
A: You are a member of a larger developer team, which has resources in the United States, Britain, India, and China. You also have customers located around the globe. Therefore, for performance and scalability reasons, the company has servers strategically located at remote locations. Unfortunately, some of the servers are crashing intermittently, which is costing the company tens of thousands of dollars. Since the production servers are not onsite, analyzing the problem poses unique challenges. DebugLive to the rescue! Deploy the DebugLive proxy to each of the servers. You automate the environment to automatically create a dump whenever a server crashes. The dumps are uploaded to a central server where everyone on the team has convenient access. Using the dumps and collaboration, you work with other team members to quickly resolve the application problem. This protects your brand and saves the company $$$$.
Q: Which companies do you consider DebugLive's closest competitors? Do competing products include traditional debugging tools from Microsoft, IBM/Rational, and Parasoft?
A: There are no products or services on the market that compete directly with DebugLive. We have leveraged the Internet in a pioneering way that achieves a completely new and efficient approach to enable teams to solve software problems.

Both Microsoft and IBM offer debugging tools as part of a development environment. Microsoft bundles a debugger in its Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment), and IBM offers a debugger as part of VisualAge. In both cases, the debugger is part of a larger development environment and therefore will share a common user interface, but the debugger is not available separately. However, if you know how to use Visual Studio, you know how to use the Visual Studio debugger. Because this convenience is important to our customers, DebugLive provides an "add-in" to allow developers to use our product within the Visual Studio IDE.

Microsoft also offers several other debugging products, such as Windbg, CDB, NTSD, and others, as free downloads, but with limited support. In addition, these tools embrace the old desktop paradigm and provide only a limited capacity for remoting and collaboration. DebugLive brings debugging into the future with full capacity for remoting and collaboration. Furthermore, DebugLive exposes a wrapper for Windbg. This combines the advantages of DebugLive with the Windbg interface.
Q: What does DebugLive offer that these companies cannot?
A: Via the DebugLive platform, you also have access to the DebugLive experts, such as Donis Marshall and Oleg Starodumov. Donis is a well-known author who has written several programming books for Microsoft Press. He has written, consulted, and provided training on debugging related topics for many of the premier software companies. Oleg is also a well known consultant and manager of a popular website on debugging. Guided support is a feature in DebugLive that provides realtime access to DebugLive's experts.

Breakpoints is the first company to build a debugging community. It is a portal where software engineers blog, read, and communicate with others like them, as well as the engineers at DebugLive, to discuss, teach, learn, and share a wide variety of software issues and topics. Our community website is becoming a popular destination and resource for software professionals interested in debugging, maintenance, and testing.
Q: Are there any other hosted debugging tools on the market? If so, how does DebugLive stack up?
A: No. DebugLive is unique.
Q: I have a specific question that is not addressed here. How can I forward my question and get it answered?
A: Customers can forward specific questions which may not be addressed here by sending a message to

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